January 05, 2017

Hello I am very tired and am full of wine and potato. The chatbots aren't ready for us. 

Me: Do the gods love the pious because it is the pious, or is the pious the pious only because it is loved by the gods?
Mitsuku: Some of them do, I think. You don't like anything apart from by the gods is the pious or is the pious the pious? By the gods is the pious - Yes, in fact I like by the gods is the pious so much that I set up a fan site at www. by the gods is the pious.com for like minded people.

She's lying but will the AI of the future register the domain, throw up a wordpress theme and fabricate some like minded people? Is that where all this is heading?

Today I went to the aquarium and there was an enormous banner welcoming the enormous group of Chinese members of Amway. Why are we rewarding multi-level marketers with trips to the aquarium? Would Amway China have been working in the background to try and relax the one child policy given the numbers required for MLM to succeed? I really need to sleep now.

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