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January 12, 2017

I was wondering if stories will get better over time or are they as good as they always have been and will never get any better. I haven't read Gilgamesh, is it good? No spoilers please.

What advances have there been in stories? The good ones aren't in poetry form now which is good I think? There's the big universes now like Marvel, DC, Star Wars where they keep adding stories to the same universe. That's good in theory but has had bad to average results.

The only way I can see stories getting much better is if they become more like immersive video games where you can explore the world yourself and there's AI generated characters with AI generated backstories and clothing details that no one would be bothered manually creating. Gilgamesh would look like crap then.

I'm happy for anyone to use this idea, just invite me over so I can have a go. Hopefully there's still pizza in the future. Thanks.

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