Teach a man to be a fish

January 06, 2017

It is very hard to write every day. Whom can claim to be interesting enough to sustain this.

I just saw these tweets, they are not helping:

The idea that I could powerfully use personal story to interrogate a place/time seems as unattainable as being the guy on Mars who grew the potatoes in the tent. I would love to be able to write that way, and forcing myself to write daily is supposed to help maybe? But wow, so far off.

The white dudeness is confronting when put this way. My first reaction is to think, yeah, I haven't suffered, I'm not interesting, I have nothing to say. I am the proverbial fish in its barrel when it comes to absorbing messages of worthlessness. But watch me fly from my barrel. I have suffered in there; it is time to inspire with my tale of barrel life and what came after.

Did I feel insecure at uni? Here's where I get so interesting. I was worried before I got there, but once I started I felt more secure than ever! I had very few problems! Who is this intriguing man, I hope he continues writing every day so I can get to the very bottom of his labyrinthine psyche. ✌️

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