Learnings is a real word people use in meetings

January 16, 2017

Hello it is getting very hard to write these. I have over committed myself to LIFE and LIVING and now I have no time and am tired. Oh well. I experienced a new form of enlightenment while listening to a podcast about immutable.js tonight. I like to listen to work-related podcasts on my night walks. I used to call them angry walks but I haven't been angry for a while and there's been less spider webs this week so they are emotion neutral walks now.

Learning is quite addictive actually. I'm finding I have to fill random moments with learning something. Sometimes I can't sleep unless I'm learning something. Maybe it's unhealthy to be addicted to new info or maybe I'll be a super genius a few months from now. Or desperately begging people for ebooks on the street. Maybe it will lead to brain burnout and I'll get bored with the universe again via nihilism.

I seem to switch between 'everything is interesting' and 'everything is boring'. Everything is boring is a bad place to be and I'm not sure how the brain chemistry works so I can't guarantee I won't end up back there but I feel like I'm getting somehow stronger internally to prevent that happening. Or maybe I'm just in the good part of the cycle and it all seems easy until it's not. Anyway the brain is excited for now and feels quite good when I'm not exhausted. Good night.

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