Existence first, essence much much later

January 01, 2017

G'DAY FREAKS! I'm trialling being confident, do you like it? I won't do it if you don't like it.

I want to write something every day. I'm approaching middle age so I need to do this before it's too late. Actually I wanted to start podcasting regularly but let's be reasonable.

The advantage of a podcast is that the content is trapped inside the sound file and next to no one will actually ever get at it so I can speak my gosh darn mind. This is more out there for the employers of Christmas future to stealthily evaluate. Hi, I'm very good at my job.

I looked at LinkedIn a bit this year. It is very funny; it is everyone putting on their very best face and pretending to be an adult. Hello, I have diverse experience in global user journey analysis product marketing cycles, what have you achieved professionally? Well done mate, very good achievement! How about beer!

The recruiters keep adding me and I accept because they are people too, they even have their own form of recruiter 'humour' that they share in standard meme formats. I guess whenever two or three are gathered in one profession there is an opportunity to generate relatable content about the struggles and also the good times.

So yes 2016 was the year I fully realised everyone is pretending. I have the imposter syndrome like many self-taught people in my extremely professional profession, and I find it difficult to see anything positive in the word CONFIDENT because confident people are generally 'bad'. Ok I'm sure there is good confidence out there somewhere that helps a person. Maybe cockiness is what I hate.

Anyway what I realised is: most people are just saying things in confident ways!! This is an incredible secret and a skill I don't know that I'll ever master. But people get jobs and stay in jobs and get better jobs this way. Have you heard of Trump??

I need to finish writing because it's bed time but what I wanted to communicate is that THIS IS MY YEAR. Night night.